Once you have found the perfect match for your family, give us a call and we will proceed with the adoption! This process entails the placing of deposit, discussion and signing of the Puppy Purchase Agreement, reviewing the New Puppy Check List, and scheduling the Meet & Greet. 

      Deposits are $500. This fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable, in most cases. 

All of our puppies must be at least 8 weeks old before venturing off to their new home, as well as having been seen for their final check-up by our licensed veterinarian. Before the puppy leaves our care, we will assist you in establishing with your own veterinarian to insure proper care and mentoring throughout the puppies life. It is extremely important to establish this relationship right off the bat, for both you and your new puppy!

While picking up your puppy in person is ideal, we know that is not always an option. For long distance families, we offer nationwide transportation on the lap of our flight nanny!  

       International flights, with our Pet Nanny are available upon request