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Aoption process

Adoption Application

If you have questions or special inquiries, you're welcome to contact us or fill out this form

CF Aussies

Tel: 417.712.1474


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Making It Official

Once you have found the perfect match for your family, give us a call and we will proceed with the adoption! This process entails the placing of deposit, discussion and signing of the Puppy Purchase Agreement, reviewing the New Puppy Check List, and scheduling the Meet & Greet. 

      Deposits are $350. This fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable, in most cases. 

All of our puppies must be at least 8 weeks old before venturing off to their new home, as well as having been seen for their final check-up by our licensed veterinarian. Before the puppy leaves our care, we will assist you in establishing with your own veterinarian to insure proper care and mentoring throughout the puppies life. It is extremely important to establish this relationship right off the bat, for both you and your new puppy!

While picking up your puppy in person is ideal, we know that is not always an option. For long distance families, we also offer nationwide transportation, including hand delivery!  


The countdown is on and the “Big Day” is quickly approaching and I want to get you a few key things to remember!

Airport 101:
Do NOT put your puppy down!
Yes, of course you can get him out. Cuddle him, kiss him, welcome him to your family, but no matter what, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you let his little paws touch that floor. As you will see, airports are busy. They are just as busy with people as they are with pets. This is not the place for a young puppy, especially one who isn't fully vaccinated!


     Side note- Your puppy has just experienced their very first plane ride. There is a possibility that an           accident may have occurred while in transit, so having some puppy-wipes and a clean blanket are         a great precaution! 

Your first thought may be to stop for a potty break, but as just discussed, the airport is not the spot! As you leave, keep an eye out for a location that is secluded and off the beaten path, for example behind a business or over on a side road.

Our puppies do leave here current on vaccinations, but that does not make them invincible. It is always best to proceed with caution. The same goes for daily outings. Of course you will be excited for the first adventure with your new fur-baby, whether it be to PetCo or the local park, just proceed with caution and always make sure you are visiting the cleanest areas possible.


Vaccine Refresher:
Healthy, happy puppies are our number one priority and we require you to continue and maintain this practice. By 8 weeks your puppy has received Neo-Par (parvo only) and two 5-way vaccines, as well as having been dewormed biweekly starting at 2 weeks old. You will need to follow this routine with two additional rounds of vaccines, along with their rabies vaccination and monthly heartworm prevention.

Settling In:

Travel is exhausting for everyone, take this into consideration as you arrive back home with your new puppy. Offer fresh water and food in/near the travel crate first thing. The option of soft foods may help spark their appetite if they show no interest in the dry kibble. It is extremely important for your new family member to refuel themselves, so whether it involves peanut butter or puppy-cheese, you must get something in their tummy! Once he or she has finished supper, it is now time to quiet down and get some rest. A good night’s sleep is imperative to a good start tomorrow and as with today, tomorrow morning must start with fresh water and a good breakfast meal!

As your puppy adapts to their new lifestyle, this will all get easier. Just make sure to ALWAYS ALLOW FOR REST. Proper amounts of rest are crucial for a growing puppy.   
Feeding Schedule:

Your puppy previously had free access to food and water, so if you are planning to transition to a feeding schedule, make sure you do so slowly! It would be best to start removing the food at certain times of the day, for longer periods each time, rather than only offering the food for a period of time.

Keeping in Touch:
Remember, your new puppy was our baby first. Their first yawn, first steps, and first kisses were all experienced here, with me. We are very hands on program and each individual puppy we raise earns a very special place in our hearts. Some that were more active loved playing ball with the kids, others that were more calm and collected may have spent hours sleeping on my feet while I responded to puppy inquires and updated the website. Some were a part of my morning chores, while others preferred to ride along and check the cows with my husband. No matter the puppy and their hobby, they were and are a part of our family.

We know that you are going to provide this puppy with an amazing home. We are trusting you, we just ask that you keep in touch. Our arms, ears, and hearts are always open for our fur-babies and their new found families. Whether it be a few days or a few years from now, please never hesitate to reach out. Updates and current pictures are always appreciated! ♡

The Big Day

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