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Our "Aussie Family" consists of Toy, Miniature, and Standard Australian Shepherds.

Here at Clayton Farms, these four-legged creatures are so much more than just "dogs". They are our friends, our family, our hearts, and our joy. Whether we are driving around the farm checking the cows, or venturing off to the local rodeo, there is usually at least one or two dogs following along. For us, size isn't a huge factor as to who fits best in our lifestyle. However, we know that some families' decisions revolve around size entirely. This is why we strive to produce Aussies that not only meet the breed standards, but exceed all expectations, even with our pups that mature at 10 inches tall!

Our days are simple... Faith. Family. Dogs.

These dogs are our family. We see them as our kids and our two-legged kids see them as their siblings.

Along with enjoying the "everyday craziness" here on the farm, we have some SUPER EXCITING NEWS that we will be sharing throughout the upcoming year and I can't wait to share it with you!


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